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    One of its most advantageous features is the sleek interface and user-friendly mode of operation. Its only drawback is that there is no way of retrieving the decryption key for use in decrypting the file or files when the original password is no longer available.

    With Nik Software Topaz 3D Photo Filter, you can quickly make beautiful photo enhancements to your 3D photos in minutes – without 3D support on the camera — simultaneously retouching, correcting and improving all digital pictures — all

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  126. jamfei

    User Opinion

    Unison Audio is the best of its kind. It is easy to use, easy to handle, easy to hide files. I have used it and found it to be a good answer.

    You can import MP3, OGG, and WAV files into the list. We found the audio files on the Internet to be of a bad quality (because most don’t use a bitrate higher than 160kbps for 96kHz samples).

    You can

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  127. verrafa

    The application can be used for several purposes, but it is particularly designed for those who want to be proactive in finding out the exact sum of money that they must pay back, prior to make a decision. If you can find several data in just one place, it really speeds up your work.
    MoneySmart$ is a free, basic financial calculator.

    how do I calculate the value of $\int^{\sqrt{\pi}}

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  128. hamyaz

    Escalon UC is a software application designed to create multi-page, interactive presentation sheets for your CDs-ROMs.
    The software allows you to design your own presentation, with provisions for images, video clips, shapes, and text.
    The program displays a manager for the slides that you select, allowing you to easily add, delete or rearrange them.
    You can use drag-and-drop to insert and move text objects, places an image directly on it, and

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  129. holtrud

    Polyprotic acids have a unique pKa value for each dissociation, not for each proton. It follows that polyprotic acids are more difficult to study than monophrotic acids. However, in many cases a researcher already knew the data of the dissociation pKa values of one or several polyprotic acids of choice. And even for the latter polyprotic acids it is easy to add the data of a few more acids. Simple desktop application

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  130. randawn

    Developers are welcome to report via the Github issues.

    Wed, 19 Jun 2013 08:53:00 CDT

    Check out the video below and see how easy it is to remove a few KBs off of the installation size of your Hello World app in seconds – well days actually!
    Register for the SDK:
    Cameyo SDK Getting Started Video

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  131. quykafl

    DBProbe is a simplified version of the DBPing tool that can check the privacy of an entire subnet or a single device on a subnet. DBProbe works by sending a ping request with a pre-defined payload consisting of a buffer that stores the 16-byte UDPAddress which uniquely identifies a broadcast domain.

    The packet includes a preamble of random bytes that facilitates detection of a broadcast domain. The results of the pings are recorded in a file as a

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  132. gerleof

    It will also be a great choice for testing purposes because it doesn’t display any indications or messages at all.
    Since this software lacks any real-life use cases, it’s impossible to conclude if it’s a good choice, as well as a bad one, but regardless, it shouldn’t be discarded immediately. Instead, you should consider the facts provided above, as well as the fact that it’s not a premium tool that will disrupt your Windows system.
    Have a look at the source

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  133. nanros


    The images represent actual product though color of the image and slight texture of the screen may vary slightly in actual products.


    The product name “Mountain lake” may only be used for properties that clearly identify the item that all trademarks, brand names and other protected items used with are trademark of their respective owners.
    All other trademarks, brand names are the property of their respective owners.

    Pack your bags, this

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  134. tarspi

    This desktop theme provides three visual styles for Windows 7. There are three primary color themes available, Solar Eclipse are the primary color scheme and Solar Eclipse 2 are secondary color scheme. Users have a lot of customization options and even can change their desktop completely with this theme. Just change the desktop background image.

    There are 10 images in the Solar Eclipse theme which you can use as Windows 7 desktop wallpapers. This theme is a 1280 x 800 widescreen resolution desktop wallpaper. It is

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  135. denhast

    Run Theodorus on your PC and let it do all the hard work!
    Run Theodorus from your WPF application through a command line, using Credentials.
    Run Theodorus and create the sample database through the gui.
    Run Theodorus on the web to connect to SQLite databases made in a web host.
    Use Theodorus to store data locally on a mobile device or emulator.
    Send data to Theodorus and it can connect to

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  136. benyam

    You can use the application to share Microsoft’s Office document formats to the product without any problem, convenient to save investment in many other file formats.
    Simple server management The design of the file server is uncluttered. Sometimes you may find the design so simple that confusing, it is reasonable to do so. It is always about the ease of use and the flexibility and compatibility in dealing with different scenarios.
    The users can enter their management panel easily to view their space, users, and permission

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  137. charey

    It supports authentication and access control, as well as data compression.

    Together with Nbdkit, you can serve a virtual block device over NBD.


    Nbd (NBDkit) use the socket file ‘/var/run/nbd/nbd.socket’ to communicate. You can start multiple Nbd servers with different /var/run/nbd/nbd.socket which represents different virtual block devices. Of course, default

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  138. raigent

    • Batch photos and videos renaming
    • Organize and sort photos and videos
    • Set the appropriate file format for destination folders
    • Watch slideshow of recently renamed photos
    • Change the time format for files using the in-application settings
    • Auto detect preview resolution and display the correct size for the slideshow and images
    Windows 8, 7, XP and Vista are supported
    Note: With the free version, you can rename one or two files. The Pro version allows

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  139. daedavi

    Eithy DVD To TS Converter is a multi-function DVD ripper application, which can rip DVD to iPod or Mobile Phone MP4, MP3, WAV, ACC, etc. It lets you easily convert DVD to iPod, Mobile Phone, PSP, Zune, Sansa or other MP4 players. Eithy DVD To TS Converter makes your DVD ripping very simple and convenient.
    Eithy DVD To TS Converter is an easy to use application.

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